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Air BP Bankstown

Our base at the busiest airport in the southern hemisphere is an ideal location from which to service the General Aviation customer. With several tankers to service the apron simultaneously we pride ourselves on providing a seamless and efficient service to private pilots, flying schools and charter operators.

Please call our friendly team next time you require aviation fuel at Bankstown

Hours of operation

Mon - Fri 0515 - 2100 EST
Sat, Sun - 0600 - 1800

Phone : 02 9791 0599
VHF Frequency 126.4 MHz


AeroShell Lubricants Reseller - Bankstown

Our lubricant store is stocked with many specialist aviation oils, fluids and greases including the world's most popular piston engine oil, AeroShell W100.


Air BP Camden











At Camden Airport in the southwestern Sydney Basin, Skyfuel operates the Air BP avgas site. The card swipe bowser is activated by carnet card and is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Air BP Bowser is located on the taxiway parallel with runway 10/28.

For all operational enquiries regarding our Camden sites call us on 1300SKYFUEL .


Cessnock Avgas

An additional avgas bowser has been installed at our Cessnock facility to allow for mutiple aircraft refuelling. The new avgas bowser (Pump No2) accepts Visa and Mastercard. This bowser is located in the centre of the apron between the original avgas bowser and the Jet A-1 pump. Credit cards can only be accepted in this bowser. By adding this capacity visiting aircraft can refuel from a dedicated 'visitors" bowser and avoid the busy flying school queue at the original bowser.













Mudgee Avgas


A new 20,000 litre stainless steel facility is now located on the site of the old BP tank farm.

A card swipe facility has been installed inside the shed on the western side of the bowser. To operate the pump follow the instructions listed on the bowser and inside the shed at the Card Unit.

Tea and coffee are available in the Mudgee Aero Club Clubhouse. The Mudgee Aero Club also offer a courtesy car and a bed and breakfast facility. For further information on these facilies contact Rob Duffy on 0401 136 182.
Currently there are no landing fees for aircraft under 2000 kg at Mudgee.

Mudgee Jet A-1

Mudgee Jet A-1 now Open for business.

Skyfuel has commissioned its new Fast Fill 24/7 Jet A-1 facility at Mudgee. A new stainless steel tank has been installed along with a high flow bowser. The facility is activated by Visa, Mastercard and Skyfuel Card. This is in addition to our existing avgas facility. For information relating to the 24/7 facilities at Mudgee, please call Rob on 0418 862 100.


Click below for a step by step guide to operate the bowser


Click here for a map



Taree Jet A-1

Skyfuel has replaced the old Shell facility at Taree with an above ground tank and bowser. The unit has a high flow hose and pump for larger overwing deliveries associated with Jet fuel. The credit card unit is co-located adjacent the pump. Should into-plane service be required, Paul Weaver is available to assist (please note a call-out fee of $60 applies). Paul is available on 0407 290 925, however the greater the advance notice the better.