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  • Tumut - Open for Business GA Fights Back!

    24 April, 2012

    In April, Skyfuel commissioned the new Jet and Avgas self serve facility at Tumut Airport.

    A joint venture between Tumut Aero Club and Skyfuel, the new facility sees avgas return to the airport after a 3 year absence.   The opportunity was also taken to install Jet A-1 for emergency services and passing turbine traffic.  The facility is 24Hrs and activated by Visa, Mastercard and Skyfuel Card.   Tumut Aero Club has excellent facilities for visiting aviators and a warm welcome to match !

    Skyfuel would like to thank the Tumut Aero Club for their professional stewardship of the DA process and their co-operative approach to the project.

    Pictured is a BK117 of Bankstown based Helitreck refuelling at Tumut.  The BK was engaged by the SES during the recent flood crisis in the Riverina.  For more information about the new facility, contact Rob - 0418 862 100.

  • New Wangaratta Jet & Avgas Facility

    24 April, 2012

    In February, Skyfuel opened its new facility at Wangaratta Airport, Victoria.  The all stainless steel facility includes new double skinned tanks dispensing both Jet A-1 and Avgas.  The 24Hrs self serve pumps are activated by Visa, Mastercard and Skyfuel Card.  Skyfuel would like to thank Wangaratta Aero Club and particularly Ian Smart from Secure Air (local flying school) for their assistance.  We would also like to thank Air BP for their assistance.

    Wangaratta is a beautiful gateway into and out of Victoria and a great place to refuel to avoid landing fees and ATC charges.   For more information regarding the new facility, please call Rob - 0418 862 100.

  • World Fuel Services acquires ExxonMobil in Australia

    24 February, 2017

    Effective Wednesday March 1st, 2017 World Fuel Services will be acquiring the general aviation assets of ExxonMobil in Australia.  This means that all of our customer will be issued with a new World Fuel Services carnet card to make purchases at any previously Mobil branded site.  Current Mobil carnet will not operate any card swipe bowser after the 28th of February, 2017.  We are in the process of mailing out new cards to our customers however it may be that some cards may not be delivered by the March 1st transition.  Your Mobil card will be honored at manned locations for a short period but we do ask that you use your new World Fuel Services cards as soon as it arrives.



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