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  • World Fuel Services acquires ExxonMobil in Australia

    24 February, 2017

    Effective Wednesday March 1st, 2017 World Fuel Services will be acquiring the general aviation assets of ExxonMobil in Australia.  This means that all of our customer will be issued with a new World Fuel Services carnet card to make purchases at any previously Mobil branded site.  Current Mobil carnet will not operate any card swipe bowser after the 28th of February, 2017.  We are in the process of mailing out new cards to our customers however it may be that some cards may not be delivered by the March 1st transition.  Your Mobil card will be honored at manned locations for a short period but we do ask that you use your new World Fuel Services cards as soon as it arrives.



  • BP Darwin International Airport Fuel Throughput Fee

    10 June, 2016

    We advise that Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd has increased the Fuel Throughput Fee to 0.542 cpl on Jet and Avgas fuel distributed by BP and other Agents at Darwin Airport.  This new fee is effective from 1st April, 2016, however Air BP will not be on charging the fee until 1st June 2016.

    The fee has been increased as allowed under the terms of the site lease and applies to tanker or bowser sales on the airport by the Agents.

    All previous and existing charges by Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd to BP remain in place and no reduction in rent or other charges has been given.

  • Change to BP Avgas

    18 May, 2016

    Dear Valued Customer,

    This communication is to reiterate the change in supply of Avgas from Air BP for Avgas 100 (green) to Avgas 100LL (blue).  You may have noticed a visual change in colour of the Avgas supplied as of late 2015, for all into plane/self-service and bulk Avgas.

    1.  What is the difference between the Avgas supplied previously and the Avgas supplied now? 

    In the past BP Kwinana Refinery has manufactured Avgas 100 (green) which has a maximum lead specification of .085 gPb/l.  Over the last 12 months the lead content of Avgas supplied from Kwinana Refinery has reduced and has been below the maximum lead specification (0.56gPb/l) of Avgas 100LL since October 2014.
    Avgas supplied going forward will be blue in colour and will conform to the Avgas 100LL specifications of Defense Standard 91-90.  While the initial change takes place the product supplied may be transitional mixture of green/blue and then will change to blue.  This change will occur once per site and in accordance with the supply pattern to each site.

    2.  What is the colour change and why has there been one?

    The Avgas colour will change from green to blue and signifies a change from the Avgas 100 specification to that of Avgas 100LL specification.

    3.  Will there be a change in performance?

    No, the Avgas will continue to meet the same MON and Supercharger engine requirements of 100/130.  The only difference in the product is the colour and the amount of lead present.  Both grades are manufactured and conform to all the requirements of Defense Standard 91-90.

    4.  What affect does this change in colour have on aircraft?

    The change of colour will have no effect on aircraft.  Colour is not a property that affects aircraft performance; it is simply used as an indicator to distinguish between different grades and types of fuel.

    Air BP expects that the transitional change to blue Avgas should be completed by the end of 2016.  If you have any concerns regarding the affect this change will have on your aircraft or aircraft parts please contact your aircraft/parts manufacturer supplier.

    There is no action required by you and you can continue to fly with the peace of mind that Air BP's products are of the highest quality and specifications.

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