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  • Skyfuel Newsletter 16.02.16

    17 February, 2016

  • "Selfie with Skyfuel" Contest

    4 November, 2015

    Show us your stuff and send us a "Selfie with Skyfuel".

    Be creative, be adventurous - we are looking for imaginative pictures of you and us!

    Rules of Engagement:

    -  photos must include you and have some reference to to Skyfuel

    -  remember that no electronic devices are allowed within 15 meters of a refuelling point/flammable   vapours

    -  the Skyfuel admin team will select their favorites each week to post to Facebook and our website

    -  winners will be posted a copy of Bob Hoover's autobiography

    "Forever Flying"

    -  entries are to be emailed to us at admin@skyfuel.com.au and need to include your name, contact number, postal address and a brief description of your photo

    -  we will accept submissions until Friday the 18th of December 2015


  • CUSTOMER ALERT - WA Supplied Aviation Drums

    2 October, 2015

    Customer Alert

    Product Quality - Potential breakdown of internal sealant in WA supplied Aviation Drums


    Date: 2 October 2015 

    From: Rob Mangan – Skyfuel Australia Pty Ltd


    A customer has alerted us to some particles which have been found in a recent batch of Jet A-1 drums supplied into the Kimberley.  The drums were acquired new from our established manufacturer in Perth and filled by Skyfuel in late September.

    In accordance with accepted QC practices, all drums are inspected prior to filling, sealed and an Aviation Release Note issued.  Drums that have any particulate contamination from the manufacturing process are rejected prior to filling. The drums that were despatched to the Kimberley showed no signs of contaminants.

    We believe the particles subsequently found in this batch of drums to be an excess of sealant used in the drum manufacturing process. This sealant is a latex based product known as “Darex” and is wedged and rolled between the lids and the sides of the drums. Darex is essentially a filler that assists in the compression sealing process (photo 1 attached).



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