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  • AeroShell W120

    13 March, 2015

    We have been advised that AeroShell W120 in the 12 x .946ml bottles will no longer be available in Australia.

    You are still able to purchase W120 in the 18.9L pails at Skyfuel's Bankstown Depot.

    W120 is a single grade ashless dispersant piston engine oil for use in warmer temperatures (over 26°C).

    AeroShell W100 is still readily available and may be a suitable alternative.  This product is for use with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C.

    If you have any queries please contact our operations team on (02) 9791-0599.

  • AirBP Carnet Card Update March 5, 2015

    5 March, 2015

    Our BP carnet cards have arrived!  The cards are processed and we will be sending them out over the next two days via Australia Post.

    Thank you for all your patience during the diffcult period.

  • AirBP / Mobil Carnet Card Update - March 2nd, 2015

    2 March, 2015

    Further to our issues with expired BP carnets we now advise that there are a limited number of MOBIL carnets also affected.

    Both companies use the same card supplier.

    We have been assured that cards will be accepted at all manned sites.

    Please investigate your fuel opitions when flight planning as you may need to access alternate airports in the interim.

    We realise the impact that this issue is causing and will endeavor to get your updated cards to you as soon as possible.

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