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  • Air BP Carnet Card Update - February 27th, 2015

    27 February, 2015

    The majority of customers will not have their renewed Air BP carnet(s).

    Your existing cards will continue to be accepted at manned locations.

    If you require fuel from a card swipe site your card (expiring 02/15) will not activate the bowser from midnight on Saturday.  These sites have a local representative who will be able to assist you to access fuel from Sunday onwards.  Contacts for sites in Australia can be found via the following link:


    Please provide as much notice as possible to these representatives and consider your flight planning carefully.

    Renewed cards will be sent out as soon as they are available to us.

  • AirBP Carnet Card Update - February 26/15

    26 February, 2015

    Unfortunately we still have not received renewed cards for the majority of customers.  Cards with an expiry date of 02/15 will still be accepted at manned facilities.

    They will NOT however activate any card swipe bowser.

    If you need to fly to a site only serviced by a card swipe check the airport directory for a local flying school.  They may be able to assist you with a cash sale.

    Please consider your ability to obtain fuel in your flight planning.

    Renewed cards will be dispatched as soon as they are available to us.

  • Carnet Card Update

    24 February, 2015

    We have received a small number of renewed cards.

    However the majority of cards with an expiry date of 02/15 will not be renewed prior to the 28th of February.

    BP have advised that your card will be accepted beyond Saturday at any manned facility but that your card will NOT operate any card swipe bowsers.

    Please consider this when flight planning.

    As soon as cards are available to us we will have them sent.

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