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  • Lubes Price Rise April 1st 2014

    3 March, 2014

    Shell have advised that there will be a review of pricing across the AeroShell range of aviation lubicates and greases.  Individual product pricing is not yet available, but will posted on the website as soon as possible.

  • Carbon Tax Price Increases 2013

    28 June, 2013

    he Federal Government has announced the following increase to the excise for Aviation Fuels:

    From July 1st 2013, the excise duty rates for domestic aviation Avgas and Jet A-1 will be increased by a carbon charge.  These changes are part of the new Clean Energy legislation package.



    Current Aviation Excise Tax: New Excise July 1st 2013
    Aviation Avgas      8.616 Aviation Avgas      8.869
    Aviation Jet A-1     9.536 Aviation Jet A-1     9.835


  • Tumut Supports GA

    10 May, 2013


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