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  • Invoicing of Fuel Purchases

    17 December, 2012

    It has always been an Aviation Industry standard to round fuel purchases to the nearest whole litre.

    From November 1st, 2012 Air BP has introduced invoicing to two decimal places for all fuel uplifts from their network of card swipe bowsers.

    At locations where fuellers provide service you will still be charged under the previous convention (to the nearest whole litre).

    If you have any queries please contact the office staff on (02) 4657-1255

  • Fire Season 2012/13

    4 December, 2012

    The Skyfuel team have been busy supporting aerial bushfire operations since September.

    This season is predicted to be severe.

    Attached are some photos from recent campaigns in the Gloucester region.










    Pictured is Helitack 273 at the ACT base helipad.










    Helitack 225, a BK117 from Helitreck, lifting from the Pad at Mangrove Mtn.










    Skyfuel skid tank working on the central coast fires September










    UH1H lifting from the pad at Karamea Airbase










    HeliAusts UH1H near Gloucester

  • Tanker Stability Program

    27 August, 2012

    Skyfuel have recently completed a Tanker Stability Program at the DECA training facility at Shepparton. Pictured with the test tanker on the skid pan are Tony G, Tony T and Syd. Drivers studied the dynamics of fluid loads, defensive driving techniques and each rolled the tanker with various manoeuvres set up to simulate road conditions. All agreed the course is an excellent safety initiative which has improved their skills at tanker driving.

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