Our Team

Business Development Manager – Rob Mangan

Rob is the BDM for Skyfuel, having lengthy experience supplying fuel to all industries within GA, specialising in supporting emergency services support. He began his career in industry as a refueller, before forming Skyfuel in 1995. He is a key figure within the General Aviation industry, building the business to support not only GA but also providing multifaceted services to the aviation industry.

Commercial Manager – Jess Spivak

Jess began her career with Shell over 13 years ago. Jess is a results focused customer specialist with extensive experience within the Sales, Support and Customer Solutions supporting Aviation, Marine, Lubricants, Fuel Card, mining and Transport businesses including IT transformation projects and Transport Sales. In her time as Enterprise Account Manager for 5+ years, Jess has supported highly strategic rail industry and on road transport customers. Jess has been with the Skyfuel Team since 2023.

Operations Manager – Andrew Salathe

With 24 years experience in the Oil industry and 18 Years within Aviation across Shell and Viva Energy, encompassing Audit and Compliance, Major projects and Maintenance rolls covering 55 Locations and 180 Vehicles. A driven professional with substantial expertise across the industry, with a focus on Safety, compliance and operational excellence. Andrew has been with the Skyfuel Team since 2023.

Compliance, Training & Maintenance Manager – Clive Memmott

Clive epitomises the essence of a valued member within the Skyfuel team. With a comprehensive skill set in fuel design, adherence to dangerous goods codes, and AS compliance standards, he plays a pivotal role in fabricating our equipment and maintaining our facilities. Beyond his technical expertise, Clive services as the head trainer for our facility staff, drawing upon his wealth of knowledge in refueling, vehicle operations, and fueling equipment. His multifaceted contributions underscore his indispensable role within our organisation.

Driver Supervisor & Scheduler – Tony Gadd
 Tony’s journey with Skyfuel began in early 2006 as an Aircraft Refueller stations at Bankstown Airport.
Over the years, he honed his expertise in aviation refuelling before transitioning to overseeing bulk fuel deliveries directly to our customers off-airfield. In 2020, Tony ascended to the role of Head Driver, where he assumes responsibility for managing fleet maintenance, coordinating delivery schedules and driver workloads, and fostering seamless communication with our valued customers. Tony’s depth of experience and unwavering dedication have solidified his reputation as a cornerstone of knowledge within the Skyfuel community.