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Shell Aviation Oil


Shell Aviation Oils (AeroShell Oils) are available now for purchase online.

AeroShell Oil

Aviation Oils from Shell are available in different viscosity grades. AeroShell Oils are also available as straight mineral and ashless dispersant and the Multigrade Sport PLUS 4.

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Delivery is made by Australia Post within ten (10) working days of confirmed payment.




Featuring piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, hydraulic fluids, products for industrial customers and more, AeroShell has the right lubricant for you. Other products in the AeroShell range are available please contact 1300 SKYFUEL for further details.



Our most commonly requested Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are;



Fluid 41 - MSDS Fluid 41


Grease 22 - MSDS Grease 22


Avgas - MSDS Avgas 100LL


Jet A-1- MSDS Jet A-1