Viva Energy

We help Australians reach their destination by refining, importing and delivering the energy that they need to get there. We’re the workers on their daily commute, families on their school run and travelers flying to places far away.

We’re with industry too, helping move freight across the country, and keeping the machinery and equipment’s that drive our economy moving.

We’re proudly Australian, extremely proud of our history and excited to be an important part of Australia’s future, operating for 110+ years in Australia. We are the exclusive Australian Licensee of one of the worlds most recognizable brands, selling high quality Shell fuels and Lubricants to motorists across the country.

Viva Energy is a leading integrated downstream petroleum company in Australia, being the only manufacturer of Avgas, Solvents, Polypropylene, Low Aromatic Fuel and Bitumen in Australia.

We have extensive, proven experience of delivering in demanding supply chains in all environments, for a range of customers across Australia.

Our supply chain is one of the most flexible and adaptable and includes both local refinery manufacture and global sourcing. We believe every incident is preventable and are committed to pursuing the goal of no harm to people and protecting the environment.

Viva Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies, supplying around a quarter of the country’s fuel. We are proud to manufacture jet fuel at our Geelong refinery, and to be the only manufacturer of Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) in the country.

Viva Energy Supplies:

  • Approximately 1/4 of Australia’s fuel needs
  • National fuel Network of 1,487 retail service stations
  • Over 51 Airports and airfields, including 7 major airports
  • Approximately 1/3 Jet Fuel Nationally
  • Fuel Supplier to the Australian Defence Force
  • 55 Fuel import terminals and depots nationally to support operations

We are market leaders in product quality and, as we are the exclusive licensee of Shell products in Australia, we have access to world leading innovation and research for the products we sell.