Viva Energy acquires Skyfuel Australia

1. What is being announced?

Skyfuel Australia Pty Ltd was acquired by Viva Energy Australia on Friday 28 April 2023.

2. Why was Skyfuel sold?

After 28 years as a family business, the owners have restructured.  The sale to Viva as a major aviation supplier is a good fit for both businesses.

3. Who is Viva Energy Australia?

Viva is a major energy provider in Australia, having operations in refining, retail, marine, bitumen, chemicals, lubricants and aviation.  Viva is listed on the ASX.  Viva purchased the assets of Shell Aviation in 2016 and is a major provider to airlines, military and general aviation.

For more information on Viva Energy refer to the link :

4. Will the Skyfuel team continue?

Yes.  Rob Mangan, General Manager and the entire Skyfuel team has been retained and will continue operating as an independent business under Viva ownership.  The Skyfuel brand is retained.

5. How will this affect customer service?

Our services will continue as normal.  There are no changes to how you interact or conduct business with us.

6. Are there any changes occurring?

Yes. Our longstanding relationship with Air BP is changing.  This will impact customers with Skyfuel Australia issued Air BP cards.  It is very important that our existing Air BP card holders read and understand the following.

Effective 30th June 2023, regardless of what expiry date is printed on the card, all Skyfuel Australia issued Air BP cards will be cancelled.  From 30th June 2023 a Skyfuel issued BP card will not be accepted at any Air BP location.

If you require a new Air BP card you will need to contact Air BP directly and open a new account. Your Skyfuel Australia Air BP card will not work after 30th June 2023.

Air BP have asked us to provide the following contact information:

New Account Card application form:

Email :  
Contact: Contact Us Form ( 

Please note: Air BP is only able to provide BP Carnet cards to customers who use those cards for business purposes, and as such, an ABN number is required.

Non-ABN holders can still access the national Air BP card network by opening an account with their distributor, Lowes Air, who can be contacted via 1300 663 277 or

Alternatively, a non-ABN holder may also be able to apply for and open an account with their local airfield representative.

To facilitate a smooth transition, we recommend applying for a new card as soon as possible.

7. Are there any new services?

Yes. With the ownership change we will be able to offer Skyfuel customers, the Viva ‘Fuel2Sky’ card. 
This card can be used to source aviation fuel at 7 major airports and 51 regional airport sites around the Viva network. To obtain a Fuel2sky card simply contact our office and advise your requirements. To view the Viva Aviation Network see the image at the bottom of this page. Or via this link:

8. Are there any changes to our Skyfuel issued World Fuel Services cards or Skyfuel network (white) Cards?

No.  These cards will continue to operate as normal.  The only change is to the Skyfuel Australia issued Air BP cards. Refer item 6)

9. How can I open a Skyfuel account and what cards can I access?

The link to our account application form is listed below.  By opening a Skyfuel Account you can obtain cards giving you access to the the Skyfuel network, Viva network and World Fuel Services networks around Australia.

10. Who can answer my questions regarding the sale of Skyfuel to Viva and the changes to the cards provided by Skyfuel?

Contact our team at the Skyfuel Office on Ph : 02 46 57 1255 or email us at

Viva Network