Fuel Carnet Cards

One of the most popular services that Skyfuel offers is the provision of aviation fuel cards, also known as carnet cards. These cards allow you to access fuel wherever you fly in Australia where one of the suppliers is available.

The carnets cards (Skyfuel, Viva and World Fuel Service) allow you access to refuel at any branded site across the country and more conveniently, also allow you access to the growing network of card swipe bowsers. Card swipe bowsers are activated via your carnet card – giving you 24 hour service, immediate access and no callout fees. Service is only available for each branded site, if you have a card with that provider. For example, a World Fuel Service card will not work at a Skyfuel site.

Fuel 2 Sky Carnet Card
World Fuel Carnet Card
Skyfuel Carnet Jet A1
Skyfuel Carnet AvGas

To use a card swipe bowser at any Skyfuel site, a separate Skyfuel carnet is required. When applying for your set of carnets remember to circle Skyfuel on the application form.

Each carnet card attracts the Posted Airfield Price throughout the network (as set by Skyfuel, Viva or World Fuel Service) – thereby protecting you from inflated cash sale prices.

Skyfuel’s payment terms are 14 days from the date of your monthly statement (giving you approx 45 days credit free). There is no cost to holding carnets with Skyfuel, nor is there any minimum uplift requirement – we ask only that you pay your account on time.

If you would like to apply for a carnet (or a full set of cards), download the relevant application form below. Once complete, the form can be:

  • posted to us at PO Box 139, Georges Hall, NSW, 2198, or
  • emailed to accounts@skyfuel.com.au

Subject to a credit check, your cards will be available in approximately 15 -21 working days.