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Into aircraft aviation refuelling network

Bulk deliveries of Avgas and Jet A-1

Specialist Aeroshell aviation lubricants

Carnet cards for Viva, World Fuel Services, and Skyfuel

Aviation fuels in drums and Intermediate bulk containers (IBC)

Aviation refuelling equipment

Skyfuel Australia Pty Ltd is a national company owned by Viva Energy Australia. Skyfuel has operated as a specialist aviation fuel supply company for over 29 years, with an experienced and dedicated team boasting decade of collective expertise, Skyfuel stands as a trusted lead in aviation fuel solutions.

Specializing in complex refueling tasks and emergency services support, Skyfuel prioritize reliability, efficiency, and safety in every aspect of our operations, fostering agility at the heart of our endeavors to provide tailored solutions to support our clientele’s diverse needs.

From managing airport operations to providing self-service fuel facilities at numerous end-user locations across NSW and Victoria, focusing on regional airports, to bulk aviation fuel delivery and specialized services like supplying Aeroshell Aviation Lubricants, our comprehensive range of offerings ensures seamless operations for our customers. Additionally, our Aviation Fuel Cards, accepted at 7 major airports and 51 regional airport sites across the Viva Network and Skyfuel’s 18 regional airport locations, coupled with bespoke aviation refueling equipment development, maintenance, and technical support, further solidify Skyfuel’s position as an industry leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.

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