Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste

$25.00 inc. GST per 85 gram tube

Kolor Kut water finding paste is golden brown in colour and turns brilliant red upon contact with water. For the petroleum and chemical industries.


Genuine Kolor Kut water finding paste made in the USA, sometimes referred to as water gauging paste. Kolor Kut is suitable only for use with Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas Oil, Heating Oil, Heavy Oil, and Lubricating Oil. When gauging accuracy is of essential importance always use the best!

When water finding paste is applied to a rod or length of string with bottom weight, the brown/gold coloured paste changes to brilliant red where it comes into contact with water, giving you a visual indication as to the depth of the water present. The water can then be pumped out, and the test repeated until there is insufficient water to pump.

Kolor Kut comes in a 3oz (85 gram) tube. There is no official expiry date printed on the package or tube and will keep best when stored between 0 degrees Celsius  (31F) and 46 degrees Celsius (115F).

To use this product place a thin film of Kolor Kut paste on clean gauge line, rod or bob approximately where water level is expected to appear. Lower the tape or rod into tank until bottom is reached. Water gauge will appear by positive contrast of brilliant colors, gold changes to red on contact with water level. Instantaneous in gasoline, kerosene, and gas oils; a few seconds longer required for heavy and dark oils.

Manufactured by Kolor Kut products Co Ltd, Houston, Texas.

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Weight .091 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm